Synthwave community Synthwave XYZ is a palce for everytine who loves synthwave

Synthwave XYZ is a synthwave community website for the synthfam to come together virtually, chat, post updates, comment, tell about themselves and simply be friends. If you are a synthwave artist, you are most welcome to sign up and write a post about your band or other synthwave related work.

New synthwave artists

If you are a new synthwave artist we are happy to give you a chance to show off your music and tell the world about yourselves. Describe your band and your work. Write a press release type of article to get more exposure for your project. It is completely free and you are very welcome to join us here!

Anyone is welcome to sign up

No band, no artwork? No worries! All synthwave fans are welcome here. Anyone and sign up, join our community and make new friends and connections! Just remember to be polite and nice at all times. Only positive vibes.

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